Month: October 2015

Time for a Waste Oil Heater

oilburnerWinter is Coming!

You can heat your home for free with a waste oil burner.  Don’t throw out your used motor oil, use it to stay warm and cozy during the cold winter months!  The pictured 200k BTU heater can warm 3000 sq. feet.

Oil should be settled so the impurities sink to the bottom before burning, however centrifuging the used oil would be ideal for a clean burn and many years of service.   The lid is removed from the fuel tank so we could visualize the float and fuel input while we were testing this unit.  It has straight diesel in it because we gave our waste oil away!! (Boo!)

We had to overcome some problems like too much air pressure….it only needs about 10 psi.  It is already adjusted for an optimum fuel mixture, but we had to tinker with it.  The neighbors probably think we have a pet dragon.  It ignited and flamed beautifully once we decreased the air pressure and I can’t wait to get it hooked up!  Bye-bye heating bills!  Stay tuned for more info as we hook it up!  #USFILTERMAXX


Fuel Recovery – Salvaging Fuel Tank Bottoms with a US Filtermaxx Centrifuge

When you fill up your vehicle at a service station, you expect that the fuel going into your vehicle is clean, however the fuel in the bottoms of the tanks at service stations  is anything but clean. The tank bottoms becomes increasingly contaminated over months and years. The bottoms of the tanks typically hold rust, water and heavy particulates.  With the introduction of ethanol blends, the bottom layer may also contain an alcohol – water mixture that has settled out of the gasoline mixture. In order to avoid pumping this toxic layer into customer’s vehicles, some gas stations will  repeatedly cut off the pickup tube in the tank so that it is above the contaminated layer, however each time the fuel delivery truck fills these tanks, this layer is stirred up into the clean fuel. Once the tank bottoms reach a certain level, contamination becomes heavy enough that the fuel delivered to the customers starts causing problems.  The gas station may then call a tank maintenance service to pump off the bottoms and filter the remaining  fuel using a filtration trailer.

A filtration trailer typically includes a pump,  a few tanks and a bag filter.

Gas Pump and Bag Filters mounted on Filtration Trailer
Gas Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

Initially, the bottom few hundred gallons are pumped off into a tank, like a tote or similar. Then the remaining fuel is pumped through a series of bag filters for a few hours to remove the heavy particulates. The tank bottoms are then discarded by taking to an oil disposal site. However, valuable fuel is easily recovered from tank bottoms by using a centrifuge.  Here at US Filtermaxx , we received 250 gallons of gasoline tank bottoms for fuel recovery. The fuel was dark. I am assuming that it contained rust, clay, dirt and water.

Gasoline and diesel filtration before
Gasoline Tank Bottoms Before Filtration

The tank was allowed to settle for a few days so that free water would go to the bottom. Using our fuel filtration rig, We fed a centrifuge at 35 gallons per hour stopping the centrifuge every hour to hour and a half so that the particulates and water would drain from the centrifuge bowl.

Centrifuge Fuel Filtration Rig
Centrifuge Fuel Filtration Rig and Pump

The water and particulates were discharged into a bucket and the cleaned fuel flowed into the 250 gallon tank. We left about 20 to 25 gallons in the original tote unfiltered as It clearly contained water, mud and other suspicious  contaminants. The original fuel and the recovered fuel are seen below.

Gasoline particulate filtration

Although still a little darker than new gasoline, the improvement is dramatic.  I suspect this fuel is a little off spec due to alcohol dropping out of the mix, we run this fuel in our vehicles with no problems. I also think this fuel is a blend of regular and high-test fuel. A close up of the centrifuge filtration and pumping ring is seen below. Please check back for a full video of the system in operation including the sludge dump and filling the auto tank.

Fuel Filtration Centrifuge and pump
Fuel Filtration Centrifuge and Pump