Month: September 2015

ARE YOU WINTERIZED?  Winter is coming!  Make sure your fuel is…

ARE YOU WINTERIZED?  Winter is coming!  Make sure your fuel is flowing with a Drum Band Heater.  Keeps fuel from congealing.  Fuel tank and battery heaters are a must!  Prevent cold fuel disasters with USFILTERMAXX.COM supplies!


(via pam (@usfiltermaxx) Waste oil/fuel purifier and pumping…

filler up!

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(via pam (@usfiltermaxx) 

Waste oil/fuel purifier and pumping station combo.  Fills equipment FAST with a gas motorized pump with cleaner fuel than you can buy at the gas station!

My Waste Oil Burner Saved Me Thousands


Have you ever thought about heating your house for free. Many people have no idea they can do this. I have news for you. If you purchase a waste oil burner you can do just that. These machines which run off of used motor oil allow you to heat any structure for absolutely nothing. All you have to do is get the oil.

Waste oil burners have been around for a while. While the technology may seem new it is not. It has just been in the last two decades that the technology has caught up with the invention. These things used to have tons of trouble. The time you spent fixing oil burners the matter get a furnace or boiler cost you more than what you are saving.

It’s not like that anymore. I’m telling you these things work. There are however expensive. A used oil burner again no matter for a furnace or boiler will cost you at least $6000. Keep in mind that is used. A brand-new waste oil burner will cost you over $10,000 and that’s with installation and shipping.

Without getting into detail of how these things work I can tell you this. They are just like oil burners but instead of running on heating oil natural gas or electricity they run waste motor oil. And as you know waste motor oil usually has no value to most people.

This is why you can get the substance for free. Most people will be glad to hand it over. You can go from mechanic shop to mechanic shop and ask people for thier motor oil and they will gladly handed over. It’s really not rocket science. The people who buy a waste oil burner and cannot supply with oil or lazy. Even without my oil change business I would’ve had more oil than what I need.

Do some research and see which bring you want to go with. I purchased an energy logic waste oil boiler. I have been very pleased with the. I would not trade my machine or anything. Even if the natural gas company went out of business I have enough oil to last me two years. I may embellish it may not be two but it’s a long time.  For more information about why I bought my waste oil heater please click here.

I have gotten my initial investment back and more. I feel proud to be off the grid and I’m never going back. As we speak I’m trying to find a way to become self-sufficient as far as electricity goes. So far my efforts have proved futile. Will you know if I find a way to create electricity with waste oil. Ha ha if only was that easy. I guess we can get everything we want.

Thank you for this excellent article!  USFILTERMAXX.COM will be selling affordable waste oil burners in time for winter!!

A Customer’s US Filtermaxx WVO Centrifuge in Action!


Because the US Filtermaxx Centrifuge has a belt overdrive, it generates 3000 G’s while most direct drive centrifuges are between 1200G and 1400G. The US Filtermaxx bowl is a gallon while most are about a pint. This accounts for the higher capacity of this centrifuge.  Another proprietary feature of the this centrifuge is the forced vapor ventilation to remove water or other vapors released in the flashing process inside the centrifuge..